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Jan 9, 2013 5:00pm EST
of minting trillion-dollar coins as a way of dealing with the debt ceiling? >> i would refer you to treasury for the specifics of this question. i can tell you that the president does not believe that there is a backup plan or a plan b or an off ramp. the only viable option here is congress to fulfill its -- is that congress fulfills its responsibility and ensures that the united states of america pay its bills, as it has always paid its bills throughout its history. >> but why will you rule out the 14th amendment and not rule out the trillion-dollar coin idea? >> again, i can tell you that there are no backup plans, there are no plan bs. i refer you to the treasury for -- >> but, jay, thats the thing -- you are leaving this -- it may be the tiniest of openings, but why would you do that -- >> i'm just saying i dont have analysis here of every idea thats thrown out. i can tell you that the president -- >> is somebody back there trying to figure this out? >> again -- not that i know of. but since treasury, i believe, oversees printing and minting, you might ask treasury. the president's belie
Jan 10, 2013 7:00am EST
the debt ceiling debate on capitol hill. a trillion dollar platinum coin? this was mentioned by a new york times economist. a loophole could have the coins that could be deposited to pay the nation's bills. the white house says they are not taking it seriously. nice idea though. >> wish i had one. it is 8:27 right now. it's a thursday morning and still ahead at 8:00, shut out the baseball hall of fame decides not to induct any players. why everyone struck out. >> dc's mayor says there's some talk about the redskins moving back into the district. that comes with a catch about the team's name. we'll be right back. >>> defense secretary is welcome being to the pentagon in about an hour and a half. then meeting secretary of state hillary clinton and have dinner at the state's apartment tonight. sits down with president obama tomorrow at the white house. talking about how many u.s. troops will stay in afghanistan. >> a u.s. drone in pakistan killed five suspected militants overnight. happened in the northwest tribal area which is a main hide out. the missile attack is the 7th one in the last co
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Jan 11, 2013 1:00pm EST
moves closer to the debt ceiling deadline our next guest says the debt limit must be raised to avert what he calls how is that affecting businesses? a former member of the coins of economic advisors under president bush. matthew, thank you for joining us. simplely put, there is no option in your opinion we have to raise the debt ceiling. what happens if we don't? >> that is great question to which honestly no one knows the answer and i hope we don't find out the answer. it is not like the united states government is a small business that gets three bills a day and if cash flow is a little short one day they can just pay two ever the bills. millions of payments get made by the federal government every day and we just don't know, especially given the fragility of the economy and capital markets what will happen one day, one week, one month goes by where the u.s. government is defaulting on different obligations. ashley: countries defaulted before the, lost their aaa rating and managed to turn it around and recover abe able to borrow money from the markets. is this a wake-up call? god f
Jan 13, 2013 7:00am PST
stumbling block of the failure to raise the debt ceiling. that's a legal matter. as a political matter, i think it's basically a nonstarter because it seems comical and it seems ridiculous. >> bruce, you suggest an alternate strategy which is one bill clinton has talked about and colombia law professors do. i have the implicit authority to raise the debt ceiling without congress, correct? >> that's right. of course, i'm not a legal scholar, but i do oppose the existence of the debt limit. i even testified before the senate finance committee that we should get rid of it. it's a dreadful left over from ancient history that simply creates opportunities for hostage taking by congress, such as the one we're facing right now and our foreign policy, we don't negotiate with hostage takers for a very good reason and i think that we need to get rid of this debt limit. but i'm perfectly willing to go along with the trillion dollar coin, if that's what's necessary to prevent this hostage from being taken. >> so, jeff, take us through the constitutional argument here because the, as i understand it, t
Jan 7, 2013 8:00pm PST
, busting through the debt ceiling would be time. it is time to admit that america is a bit of a ludicrous banana republic. this is really bad options of managing our affairs. that is a grim conclusion, by the way, that means bond prices will go up, not as much as in default. but it is a grim conclusion that fits the evidence. of course, there is another option, republicans could just do what the congress of the united states is supposed to do. they could pay the bills it has racked up. and if it wants to pay fewer bills in the future and spend less money it can cut spending or raise taxes, which it writes the next budget. you know, the time you're supposed to do that. you know the way we have been doing it of the nation's history before john boehner and the republicans took over the house, during the entire rest of the nation's history when we never came close to purposely faulting on our deletes when we weren't a ludicrous banana republic? the last word for tonight. the ed show is up next. >> good evening and welcome to new york. the republicans are whining about the president's choice f
Jan 13, 2013 2:00pm PST
in circulation. the federal government has already reached that debt ceiling, by the way, of nearly $16.4 interest. >>> and did we really open our wallets over the holidays? this week, we will get a pretty good look at just how much retailers rake in. senior partner and managing director of the boston consulting group and author of the u.s. manufacturing renaissance and he joins me from chicago. welcome, hal. let's talk about retail sales. >> good to be with you. >> and also talk about housing start numbers for december. what do you think this is going to tell us about where our economy is and where we are going? >> the economy had a rocky period, especially because of the last fiscal cliff. we were concerned that companies and consume verse stopped spending. what we will find out this month is whether that is true or not. most important is retail sales. retail sales and the consumer account for about 60% of all of our economy. except the consumers are spending the economy tends to do well. in the month of november, before the fiscal cliff, retail sales grew by about .3%. not a bad numb
FOX Business
Jan 5, 2013 11:00pm EST
. >> why not? that is a brilliant idea to inflate the currency. the idea is to avoid the debt ceiling fight so if you use that as the basis to borrow the new to say you are solvent. anybody with the iq above broccoli should understand if you minted a clean that is utterly worthless other than you say so and that is the bas to borrow money, the only people crazier are those who let america barr wrote off the point*. gerri: people will stop believing your pmises. not only the american people what to give them down the road. >> the government cannot just keep giving things i wish we would replay this speech by president kennedy. he is a democrat but he clearly said as part of the vision ask not what to your country can do for you but what you can do for your country. we need to raise americans to believe their responsibility is what they can do for their country. not sit and see what can my country do for me? gerri: governo cut to me it is a pleasure. you can hear much more by tuning in to his show weekend's 8:00 p.m. eastern on fox news. more on the jobs report coming up. the new congress pas
FOX News
Jan 12, 2013 10:00pm PST
raising the debt ceiling. the u.s. already reached its borrowing limit and could begin defaulting on government loans by late february or early march. i'm marianne rafferty. now, back to "geraldo at large." for all your latest headlines log on to fox news .com. braps decided by a judge who will listen to the evidence beginning on the 13th day of february. and he will make that decisiond based upon all of the evidenc that is being presented. >> give be the fact that the two alleged perpetrators the principal people involved werel members of the exhalted football team is isn't it fair to say that the case has been handled differently than if, say, they were members of the chess squad? >> i really don't think so. i know that allegation has been made but i have seen nothing is the investigation that we would have s handled this any differently. it would not have been any different no matter who it was. >> granted you still have someo interviews to conduct but it sounds from the tone that you have concluded there are two people perpetrators involveder and only two? >> in regard to >> i
FOX News
Jan 12, 2013 4:00pm PST
with congress over raising the debt ceiling. the u.s. has reached borrowing limit it did so last week by late february or early march. the treasury department will run out of ways to cover its debt and could begin defaulting. the pentagon looking at a request from france for drone support. france wants the assistance as its military takes on al qaeda linked terrorists terrorists in. french troops drive back rebels take back control of big chunk of west african nation. turning now to the civil war raging in syria. international efforts to hold the syrian government responsible for war crimes now. more than 50 nations backing a plane conflict to the international criminal court. this as rebel forces and syrian troops battle for control of key territory outside of syria's capital damascus. the u.n. estimating now 60,000 people have conor powell has the latest russia announcing today it continues to support u.n. backed peace efforts but also undermining those efforts by saying that the removal of president assad from power cannot be a precondition to talks. this comes as rebels have taken control
Search Results 56 to 65 of about 79 (some duplicates have been removed)